Purchasing a Suppressor


How to Buy a Suppressor at Florida Gun Exchange

At Florida Gun Exchange we make it as easy as possible to purchase and own a suppressor. Here is a quick rundown on how to purchase a suppressor based on the new criteria established by the ATF that was implemented in July of 2016.


Step 1- Visit Florida Gun Exchange to purchase your suppressor

The reason why I encourage you to come to Florida Gun Exchange to purchase your suppressor is because we do the leg work for you. We prepare your forms and assist you in completing those forms correctly the first time so that there are no unnecessary delays in the issuing of your tax stamp. We also have a wide selection of suppressors available in various calibers to meet your sporting needs. If we do not happen to have the suppressor in stock that you’d like, we can order it and have it in store for you in a matter of days.


Step 2- Decide how you want to own your suppressor (Individual vs Trust)

Prior to July 2016 if you wanted to own a suppressor you had to set up a gun trust as the majority of local sheriffs would not sign off on you owning a suppressor as an individual. This gave way to the gun trust which allowed an entity, and those listed within it, to own and have access to NFA items that are regulated by the ATF. After July 2016, the rules changed, easing the process of individuals purchasing a suppressor without a gun trust.

If you decide to purchase a suppressor as an individual you are accepting the responsibility of owning the suppressor for yourself and yourself alone. You may allow other people to use your suppressor but you must be in their physical presence when they are doing so or they can be arrested for unlawful possession of an NFA registered item.

If you decide to own a suppressor through a gun trust then you have created a legal entity by which to own your suppressor, and in doing so allow those listed on the trust to legally own and use the suppressor at any time without you being present. In the event that you pass on, your items are left in the trust with those listed in the trust being able to use them without interruption.

If you decide that a trust is for you then you can give us a call and we can get you in contact with a legal aid who can create a trust for you. If you decide to own your suppressor as an individual you can come on in and see us to start the process of securing your suppressor!


Step 3- Buy your suppressor

As Individual:

As an individual once you purchase your suppressor we will store it safely for you while waiting for your tax stamp to arrive. Your suppressor has a serial number assigned to it so we will record it, and no one else can try to obtain your suppressor prior to your tax stamp being issued. We will prepare your paperwork for you to send off to ATF. To do this we will require a current, valid Florida driver’s license with your current home address

Once we have this we will prepare your ATF Form 4 (Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm) and give you 3 copies to sign and date. One copy will be sent to your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) which will notify them that you are applying for this item. The other 2 copies will be sent to the ATF to register your suppressor for ownership. Before you leave our store, we will make sure that you have signed and dated your forms correctly, and that you know where to mail your local CLEO copy of the Form 4 and where to mail the ATF copies. You will also need to send 2 sets of fingerprints, 2 recent passport sized photos, and payment of $200.00 attached to the 2 copies of the Form 4 that are going to the ATF for review. ATF will accept payments via check, money order or major credit card.

To recap, for a individual:

  • Current driver’s license

The following items are what you will mail to the ATF & your CLEO:

  • (3) Form 4s (1 for CLEO, 2 for the ATF)
  • (2) sets of fingerprints (local law enforcement can assist with this)
  • (2) passport photos. (for the ATF copy of the form 4’s)
  • $200.00 to pay the ATF for the processing and registration of your suppressor

As Gun Trust:

If you have decided to purchase your suppressor through a gun trust then your process will be slightly different. When you come into our store to purchase a suppressor as a trust you will need the following to start your process:

  • Current Florida driver’s license
  • A copy of your gun trust with all pages of your trust
  • A list of all people who are noted on the trust, referencing their full name, address, county and contact info (i.e phone number and email address)

Once we have these items we will begin the process of completing your Form 4. Once completed we will give you 3 copies of the form. One copy will go to your local CLEO and the other 2 copies will go to the ATF for review. We will also complete a Responsible Persons Questionnaire form for each person who has access to the gun trust (Form 5320.23). This form must be signed by each respective person on your trust. Once these forms are all filled out, every person listed on the trust MUST provide 2 sets of fingerprint cards and 2 passport photo copies for their Responsible Person Questionnaire form. You will also need to provide a $200.00 payment to the ATF to process and register your suppressor to your trust.

To recap if you are purchasing through your trust:

  • Current Florida Driver’s License
  • All pages of your Gun Trust
  • A list of ALL people who are listed on your trust, including their full name, address, county and contact info (i.e phone number and email address)

The following items are what you will mail to the ATF & your CLEO:

  • ALL pages of your gun trust
  • Multiple Form 4s for each person listed on the gun trust (copies will go to both CLEO & ATF)
  • 2 sets of fingerprints for EVERY person listed on the gun trust (These go to ATF)
  • 2 passport photos for Every person listed on the gun trust (These go to the ATF)
  • A Responsible Person Questionnaire form for each individual listed on the gun trust (These go to the ATF and CLEO)
  • $200.00 to pay the ATF for the processing and registration of your suppressor


Step 4-Wait

Believe it or not this is the hardest part! The waiting. (post pic of skeleton waiting for suppressor?)

Just recently one company has developed a barcoding program to increase the efficiency of processing applications and if you follow this link you will be able to find out more info about this new barcoding process.http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/08/jeremy-s/breaking-silencer-shop-form-4-barcodes-slash-nfa-wait-times/

Below is another popular website among the NFA hopefuls called the NFA tracker: http://www.nfatracker.com/

You can go to this website to see what the average wait times are from submission to completion of the Form 4s

Once your Form 4 review and registration is completed, your form along with your tax stamp will be sent to us and we will call you to come and pick up your suppressor. Be prepared to complete a final background check before the suppressor is released to you. We will make copies of your Form 4 for you so that you can store your original in a safe place, but you should have a copy with you when you are out and about with your suppressor.

Should you have any questions please feel free to stop by and a team member will be more than happy to help you in any way. Shooting suppressed is an experience one would have to hear to believe!

Springfield XD Mod 2 .45ACP


Springfield XD Mod 2

The Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 series has been a runaway success since their introduction at SHOT SHOW 2015. The Mod 2 is the first redesign of the venerable Springfield XD line which was originally introduced as the HS2000 to American gun owners in 1999. After Springfield Armory negotiated the rights to the HS2000, the pistol was renamed the Springfield Armory XD (Extreme Duty) and they have soldiered on as such until 2015 when Springfield felt it was time to revamp the pistol line and incorporate new designs.

The XD MOD 2 in .45 ACP is a compact double stack pistol designed to fill the need for those who desire a .45 for everyday carry that has the versatility of a compact 45 for concealed carry or a full size for times when concealment isn’t the priority.


When you bring your pistol home for the first time you’ll notice that your pistol comes in a nice polymer lockable hard case that is suitable for travel.. The case can be locked on the outside using a set of locks to prevent unauthorized access to the firearm. Once you open your case you will see your new XD MOD 2 with its included double stack 9 and 13 round magazines, cable lock, extra fiber optic rods, a cleaning brush and an instruction manual.


The pistol is small enough to carry without printing, but has enough mass to fill your hand with enough material to give 9+1 rounds of .45ACP. The XD mod 2 specifications are as follows:

Height: 4.75 with 9 rd. magazine

Width: 1.20 inches

Legnth: 6.5 inches

Barrel: 3.3 inches Hammer Forged steel (Melonited)

Slide: Forged Steel (Melonited)

Frame: Polymer

Weight: 26 oz empty with the compact mag

The XD Mod 2 .45ACP incorporates the following safety features into the firearm. It has a striker status indicator that sticks out to let the user know when the striker has been set and is in the ready to fire position. It also includes a grip safety, internal firing pin block and a trigger blade safety that Springfield Armory calls the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System. The firearm also has a loaded chamber indicator which is a little metal bar that protrudes up when a round is loaded in the chamber of the firearm. These safety features and indicators work together to provide you with one of the safest pistols on the market today all while not interfering with the ease of use once you’ve decided that it is time to pull the trigger and fire a shot downrange.


When you pick up the firearm you will get a chance to experience the new contoured grip that Springfield Armory calls ‘Grip Zone.’ It consists of 3 different grip textures to allow for one of the most comfortable pistol grips on the market today. That coupled with the ambidextrous mag release will allow for any shooter, regardless of hand preference, to operate this pistol without difficulty. The slide has been redesigned to make wracking the slide of the firearm a little easier. The front sight has been changed from a contrast sight to a red fiber-optic front sight which can allow a shooter to acquire their target faster. This especially rings true for those followers of the front site press technique (Wiley Clapp anyone?.) The red fiber optic rod can be changed out to a green rod if you desire a green front sight.


Disassembly of the firearm is a breeze. Simply lock the firearm back, rotate the take down lever into the upward position, lower the slide on the firearm and then release the trigger to remove the slide from the frame. Upon removal of the slide you will see the dual captive recoil spring along with the hammer forged Melonite barrel and that is the furthest you need to take down your pistol for basic cleaning and lubricating process.

XD Mod 2

I was happy to put 100 rds. of Sellier & Bellot .45 FMJ ACP downrange at my local range to test the functionality of the XD MOD 2 and its accuracy. I do not proclaim to be an expert, but I do understand the fundamentals of target shooting. In testing the firearm by slow firing at 10 yards I was able to keep all rounds on target without too much trouble. After shooting my first two magazines, all shots were within the 9-ring target or closer. During my second drill, I shot at 10 yards again, but this time firing 2 rounds and alternating between each shot to the targets on the left and right. Again I was impressed with the results using the XD Mod 2. My final drill involved moving the target out to 25-yard range and practicing slow firing at the target while aiming for the largest target possible. Again, I make no claims to being a professional, nor do I play one on TV, but I was satisfied with my initial results and the overall feel and accuracy of this firearm from Springfield Armory.

I have to say that the XD Mod 2 in .45ACP is continuing to impress me more each day. I have begun to transition this firearm into my rotation of carry firearms and, while I do possess a number of 9mm carry guns, I am glad to add this double stack .45ACP.  For more information visit Springfield Armory’s website!

Stop in today to check out our available models!


Franklin Armory Binary Trigger System


The Next Generation of the Binary Trigger

Franklin Armory released their GEN 3 Binary Trigger (BFS- Binary Firing System) back in late 2016, but the triggers have been in short supply for retail dealers until April of this year. The Gen 3 BFS system includes a host of improvements over their current model that focus on improved reliability and reduced hammer drop when firing quickly in binary mode. Once we received our initial shipment of these triggers, I found out what they were capable of I immediately ponied up my hard-earned cash and had our Florida Gun Exchange gunsmith install the BFS trigger on my Sig Sauer MPX.Before I go into greater detail about my journey with the BFS trigger, I will first explain to you what the Binary Firing system is and what it can do to improve your existing firearm.

The Gen III binary trigger system will work in most AR15/ AR10 pattern rifles in the following calibers: 5.56 NATO, 223 Rem, 308 Win. 300 Blk, 9mm, rimfire etc. I currently have the binary trigger installed in my Sig Sauer MPX 9mm and my Sig Sauer MCX chambered in 5.56 NATO.
When you buy the trigger, it comes with the following: trigger system, hammer, buffer spring, as well as different hammer spring strengths to try out to see which combination of springs will run the best in your particular firearm, and the pins required to install the trigger into your lower. Franklin Armory strongly advises that you seek out a qualified gunsmith to install your trigger, as they state on their website that there are NO REFUNDS once installation has been attempted on their trigger. The buffer spring that they include is designed to be a lighter spring which will increase the cyclic rate of your bolt carrier group (BCG) and reduce the chances of hammer follow. Hammer follow is when you release the trigger before the bolt carrier group has set properly and in turn the hammer follows the bolt carrier group and results in a light primer strike/no discharge of the round. In order to get your firearm firing again, you would have to charge your firearm by using your charging handle which will cost you both the unfired round, plus loss of time which can be important if you are competing in a stage or match.

binary trigger
After installing the trigger, you will now have 3 selector options on your firearm. Option 1 is safe mode, meaning that your firearm will not fire when the trigger is engaged. With option 2 you will be able to fire in semi-automatic mode, meaning your firearm will discharge 1 round when the trigger is pulled and it will reset the trigger after it has been released in order to fire again. Option 3 is binary mode where your firearm will discharge a round when the trigger is pulled and discharge an additional round when the trigger is released thus releasing 2 rounds with one pull and release of the trigger. Below is video of me testing the trigger in its various modes for reliability after install.

In semi auto mode, my trigger breaks right around the 4.6 lb mark which is within the range that Franklin Armory indicates, they advertise a 4.5 lb pull plus or minus .5 lbs. In my particular situation, since the trigger is in my MPX pistol I have no need for the buffer spring since the MPX is a short stroke gas piston firearm and the buffer spring will not fit.

Shooting in binary mode is an absolute blast. It can definitely allow you a number of advantages for different scenarios. The binary trigger can allow a shooter faster follow up shots to reduce split times where time is of the essence. Double taps become a lot easier to accomplish, with practice. It is also the closest you will get to a “Full Auto” experience.

While you can try to run the binary trigger faster than I did, you still have a risk of hammer follow occurring so I would recommend that you find the right “cadence” for your firearm. To quote the father of Icarus, “Don’t fly too close to the sun lest you get burned.” 😛
The BFS trigger has been 100% reliable since installation and I have used my MPX to shoot steel matches on a few occasions.
If you are looking to add new life to your AR rifle or surprise your friends at the range, then this could be the aftermarket trigger upgrade that you are looking for!

(Note: While you can switch from binary mode to semi auto mode, I did not practice it before the match so I did not want to risk a negligent discharge which would have resulted in my being disqualified from the match. Practice makes perfect!)

See any of our team members to discuss the Franklin Armory Binary Firing System today!

Sig Sauer P238


Sig Sauer P238

The Sig Sauer P238 in .380 ACP was introduced at SHOT Show in 2009. Since its introduction it has only continued to excel and has easily become one of the Top 5 micro single stack pistols for concealed carry. Its size, capacity and ease of use make it hard to beat and should definitely be considered when determining what gun you should choose for your everyday carry pistol.

The Sig Sauer P238 comes in a myriad of options and colors. Buyers have the option of buying a 238 with either an aluminum or a steel frame along with your choice of polymer, G10, Hogue or wood grips. As of 2017 there are approximately 20 available models on Sig Sauer’s website and that doesn’t even take into account the models that are dealer exclusives or limited runs. (https://www.sigsauer.com/products/firearms/pistols/p238/) I was able to get my hands on the Sig Sauer P238 SAS for the purpose of the review.

The Sig Sauer P238 SAS (SIG ANTI-SNAG) model is one of the few P238s that has passed through the Sig Sauer Custom Shop before being shipped to retailers. The edges of the frame have been “melted” to give a more rounded appearance so the firearm is less prone to snagging when being pulled from or placed into a holster. The P238 SAS model has a stainless-steel slide with a hard coat anodized frame and is fitted with a pair of premium Sig Sauer wood grips. The pistol is then topped with a set of SIGLITE night sights. Adding night sights to the pistol gives the shooter the ability to transition from daytime to low or no light conditions without sacrificing accuracy.

Sig Sauer P238

Out of the box the Sig Sauer P238 comes with 1 six round magazine, an instruction manual, cable lock, and a sample tube of Lucas gun grease for lubricating the pistol. Earlier versions of the pistol were shipped with an outside the waistband Sig holster, however, the model used for this review did not ship with a holster. Sig Sauer does offer an extended magazine for purchase to increase the capacity to 7 rounds.

The Sig Sauer P238 operates as a Single Action firearm and, as such, requires that the firearm utilize a manual thumb safety. The average trigger pull is about 6 lbs. For those that do not understand the term single-action, it means that the firearm’s firing mechanism must be in a certain position to be able to fire. In this case, the hammer of the firearm must be pulled all the way back into the rearward position in order for it to fire.



When carrying the Sig Sauer P238 it is recommended that you carry the firearm with a round in the chamber, the thumb safety on, and the hammer rearward. This is often referred to as “Cocked & Locked.” The safety is sturdy enough that it should only move when you want it to. The P238 can very easily disappear into a waistband or pocket with minimal effort. With a total weight of only 16oz. you have no need to readjust your wardrobe to account for carrying this pistol.

The included 6 round magazine is easy to load and the slide is, in my opinion, one of the easiest slides to rack compared to other current production firearms. I can’t tell you how many times I have customers lament over how they can’t rack the slide on a pistol, but when handed the P238 they are able pull it back without any trouble at all.

Shooting the pistol is very pleasant as well. Many customers who have concerns of excess recoil or “trigger slap” will use the P238 for a day of shooting and walk away with a smile on their face. This in turn leads to more trips to the range and instills in them the confidence they need so that should they ever have to use their firearm defensively, they will know that they have what’s needed to protect themselves or their loved ones.

The Sig Sauer P238 is arguably one of the best micro compact pistols currently available on today’s market, or, as one of my fellow team members called it, “The Mercedes of 380s.”

The Perfect Knife Steel


Choosing The Right Knife Steel For You

When looking to buy a knife it is important to consider the type of steel that makes up the blade. Depending on how the knife is going to be used will determine what kind of steel it should contain. There are three common types of knife steel that I am going to discuss and when each would be appropriate for use.
The first type of knife steel that I am going to talk about is AUS 8. AUS 8 is a Japanese stainless steel that is known to be well rounded with a budget friendly cost. This is a great steel to pick if on a budget, keeping in mind that it is not considered a premium steel. AUS 8 steel is known for its toughness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance compared to other steels in the same price bracket. AUS 8 steel is a good steel to use as an everyday carry knife for an entry level knife enthusiast. Some popular knives that use AUS 8 steel are Blackhawks CQD Mark 1, Hornet II, Bokers Magnum Tanto Automatic, and Boker Kalashnikov Automatic.


The second type of steel that I am going to discuss is CPM-S30V. CPM-S30V also known as “S30V” is an American made premium powdered steel that was specifically designed for knives. It is best known for its great edge retention and corrosion resistance. This type of knife steel is a good option for a hunting knife because it holds an edge well for skinning. It is also corrosion resistant so you do not have to baby it when out in the field or be concerned about rust. S30V can be found in all the Benchmade Hunt Series knives as well as Spyderco’s Manix 2 XL, Zero Tolerance 0350 Series knifes, and Bradley Cutlery Co Alias.

knife steel


The third steel I’ll cover is Elmax. Elmax powdered steel is produced by Bohler-Uddenholm and is known for being one of the top premium knife steels today. Its popularity is because it is an all-around steel with excellent edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance. This type of steel would best be used for a true knife enthusiast that does not want to settle for anything less than the best. Some popular knives that offer Elmax steel are Microtech’s QD Scarabs and Zero Tolerance Titanium Flipper 0801.

knife steel

Not every knife is the same, just like not every steel is the same. When purchasing a knife, it is important to take into consideration what the knife is going to be used for in order to get the best results. Stop in to see any one of our team members for more information on our entire knife collection!

Revolver Vs SemiAuto : A Comparison Review

Revolver Vs SemiAuto : A Comparison Review


Before choosing a pistol, handle both revolvers and semiautomatics. Attend a FREE Basic Handgun Safety and Maintenance Course one Saturday a month at 1:30pm, hosted by our resident gunsmith, Jamie Zern. See our Event Schedule for upcoming class dates. Ask your sales associate to demonstrate how to safely dry fire a pistol to try the trigger. Ability to pull as opposed to weight of pull should be considered first. Weightlifting records aren’t set the first time they are attempted, so allow yourself to train the muscles in your gripping hand and trigger finger before casting off certain models. Consider a heavy trigger pull an extra assurance that the firearm will not accidentally discharge. If you can learn to control a heavy trigger, you will only surprise yourself with how deadly accurate your precision trigger game will be. Invest in a set of snap caps or dummy rounds to practice the outlined actions in this article at home. Only your own knowledge and comfort can decide which is the best handgun for you, revolver vs semiauto.


The two most commonly identified parts of a revolver are the cylinder and hammer. These parts can be observed as visibly functioning mechanisms when firing the pistol. When the trigger is pulled, the cylinder holding the ammunition rotates to align a fresh cartridge with the barrel as the hammer draws to the rear before falling to discharge the newly positioned round.

Manually cocking the hammer back will rotate and align the cylinder. When the trigger is pulled the hammer falls and a round is discharged.

The most common type of revolver would be considered a DA/SA revolver. The easiest way to tell this revolver’s type of action is to count how many parts are moving when you pull the trigger. Hammerless (internal hammer) revolvers are double action only,

and revolvers that must be cocked in order to fire are single action only.

The cylinders in most popular revolvers are attached to a crane that swings out to one side. This allows the user to load ammunition and eject spent casings. The revolver’s straight forward and simplistic design makes it ideal for anyone with hand strength ailments like arthritis or tissue damage. It offers a comfortable introduction to firearms for those who are unfamiliar with handling them. Never point a firearm at any person (including your sales associate!). Always check the cylinder before pulling the trigger. Open the cylinder as a courtesy before handing a revolver to another person.

Shooting a revolver repeatedly is limited to how many rounds the cylinder will hold. They are available in nearly all pistol calibers, and some will chamber multiple calibers or gauges. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to reload a revolver, even with the aid of speed loaders. Revolvers are wider than most subcompact pistols and may require particular holster needs. Revolvers offer no relief in terms of recoil; the energy from each dispersed round will escape the muzzle first causing ‘flip’, and Newton’s Law directly affects your supporting grip. Regardless, revolvers have stood the test of time with reliability and functionality. Choose a revolver for ultimate dependability, inside and outside of your home.


Semiautomatic pistols require dedicated attention towards functionality. One’s ability to properly and confidently operate these types of firearms should be foremost. This usually requires the user to draw back an attached slide under recoil spring pressure in order to chamber a round. Unlike loading the cylinder of a revolver, loading a semiautomatic handgun requires multiple components and preparation. One defining feature of semiautomatic pistols is their ability to accept magazines. Let’s base our research around this feature.

To fire a semiautomatic pistol, you must first load the ammunition into the magazine, then load the magazine into the pistol, and chamber a round. You pull the trigger, a round is discharged and the slide cycles back. Meanwhile, a spent casing is extracted and ejected. The recoil spring brings the slide forward again, stripping another round from the top of the magazine and chambering it. Basically the magazine feeds the pistol, and all the user must do is pull the trigger until all rounds have been fired. The semiautomatic handgun would be as useful as a single shot handgun without this feature.

Most models have a slide stop feature that locks the slide to the rear when the last round has been fired.

When handling an unloaded firearm, the slide will lock back automatically with an empty magazine inserted. Without the follower in play (the base atop the spring in the magazine, that pushes or follows the rounds ‘up’ the automatic slide stop is not engaged. Eject the empty magazine, or insert a loaded magazine to easily release the slide by pressing down on the slide stop lever or by drawing the slide to the rear a touch. Let the slide snap forward with full force from the recoil spring to properly chamber a round.

When not chambering a round or snapcap, ‘ride the slide’ or gently lower the slide into place.

This automatic slide stop feature alerts the user of the need to reload. It is a useful training tool when discovering the strength required to compress a recoil spring enough to effectively operate a semiautomatic handgun. It presents the time saving advantage of not having to draw the slide all the way to the rear again to chamber the top round of a fresh magazine when reloading.  NOT all semiautomatics have this feature, but it is useful in maintenance and operation for the novice. In the debate between revolver vs semiauto the main appeal of semiautomatic pistols is that the magazine feature allows for higher capacities, quicker follow-up shots and faster reloading times. Just like revolvers, semiautomatic firearms are available in multiple types of actions and calibers.

All of our associates at the Florida Gun Exchange are ready to speak with you regarding our many options for revolvers and semi-automatic pistols!

Sig Sauer P229 Legion

sigp229_banner image

Sig Sauer P229 Legion, New in 2016

Check out this brief video covering the features of the Sig Sauer P229 Legion! One of this year’s most sought after firearms with the same amazing engineering and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Sig Sauer.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 4.38.24 PM

First Time Gun Buyer? What Now?

So, you want to buy a gun

So, You Want to Buy a Gun. What Now?

A comprehensive guide for the first time gun buyer

first time gun buyerWorking as a sales associate in the firearms retail industry is literally a blast. The range of customers can be demanding of precise information on numerous platforms. However, more often than not, I encounter the timid first time gun buyer unsure of exactly what they seek. Although my primary services do not include legal advice, I am aptly prepared to answer most of your questions, as are all sales associates at Florida Gun Exchange (FGE). It is our duty to give you the tools and information needed to have confidence as a first time gun buyer. The FGE website has a current list of all classes and seminars readily available for your scheduling convenience (http://floridagunexchange.com/concealed-weapon-permit-class/).

first time gun buyerCourses vary from Handgun Education and Maintenance, to Concealed Weapons Training. Attending seminars hosted by The US Lawshield and The Well Armed Woman encourages responsible ownership, possession, and use; consider these options as valuable resources to aid in securing essential information on firearms. Become an active and knowledgeable member of the local shooting community by taking our FREE basic courses on handguns and the AR-15 platform (hosted by Jamie Zern, FGE Gunsmith). If you find yourself looking for what to say when you get to the counter at the store, have no fear. A little information goes a long way with helping your sales associate find what is right for you. How will you be using the firearm? Be sure to mention whether you are looking for something for home defense, concealed carry, hunting, hobby, etc. Often there are versatile features on many models that meet more than one application. If a handicap like arthritis or tissue damage has interfered with operating handguns in the past, there are many alternatives that will give you the secured feeling of handling, carrying and firing something fit for you individually.

A few other items should be considered while estimating the cost of your firearm. You’ll more than likely need a cleaning kit. Don’t forget hearing and eye protection and targets and ammunition for the range. How will you store and transport your firearm? Will you need a case, range bag, or safe? Try on any holster before purchasing it, or save your receipt and the packaging should you need to exchange it for another size within 30 days. If you’re curious about the difference between two items, ask questions! We take pride in a knowledgeable and friendly staff as well as an extensive and competitively priced inventory.

first time gun buyerAs a first time gun buyer the process of executing and finalizing the sale of a firearm may seem complicated. Rest assured that here at Florida Gun Exchange we strive to make the experience simple and enjoyable. You will need to produce valid documentation of your current Florida residence as well as photo identification. These MUST be government issued documents. For example; a simple piece of mail or ordinary bill is not acceptable, where as a utility bill from a municipality of your residential city or a letter from the Social Security Administration will provide sufficient documentation. There is a mandatory 3-day hold on all pistols, NOT including weekends or federal holidays. For instance, if you purchase your firearm on a Thursday, it will be held for three FULL business days – Friday, Monday, Tuesday – and your pick up day would be the following Wednesday. The only exceptions to the 3-day hold are possessing a valid Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License during this period, or in the situation where you are trading one pistol for another (or others). The purchaser, and no other, must then fill out the required 4473 form.

first time gun buyerTake care in reviewing this form (https://www.atf.gov/file/61446/download) and its instructions to be sure no corrections must be made. The information provided herein will then be submitted for a background check to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). This usually takes no longer than fifteen minutes, although your patience is appreciated on especially busy days. We have no control over the time it takes to receive the final outcome of your background check and are not provided any detailed information on the ultimate decision. We are able to produce contact information for disputes and appeals. FGE offers a 90-day layaway with 20% down and your 3-day wait will begin the business day after your intent to purchase, or down payment.

The experience of shopping for a new firearm as a first time gun buyer can be potentially stressful for some. Remind yourself that everyone doesn’t know something before they do, and even brain surgeons at one point had the same amount of knowledge in their field of expertise as you do now on ‘guns’. The more you handle and familiarize yourself with your new firearm the sooner you will develop a soundly reinforced confidence through practice and performance. We look forward to seeing you soon at the Florida Gun Exchange!

Popular Single Stack 9mm Pistol Comparison

Popular Single Stack 9mm Pistol Comparison

A 360° comparison of single stack 9mm firearms recommended for every day carry.

I encourage everyone to bring as much information with you as possible when shopping for a firearm. Deciding to become a concealed firearm license holder is a step often taken before actually gaining experience with firearms for most, and choosing the right gun as your first concealed firearm purchase can prove to be quite challenging. As a Florida Concealed Weapon/Firearm License (CWFL) holder, I can share tons of horror stories on my experience of carrying a concealed firearm. Some of my least stealthy and most uncomfortable moments packing stem from carrying a gun too big for my stature and preferred attire. It isn’t necessarily difficult to hide a larger gun, but it requires finesse and constant awareness. Anyone who has carried a full size pistol on, or in the waistband can attest to the inconvenience of using a public restroom. I almost always have to wear a cover garment, like a vest or button-up over shirt to conceal larger firearms, and an extra layer in the midst of a Florida Summer is just absurd, so I’m restricted to concealing double stack pistols to about three weeks a year. The following will outline three options I have chosen as optimal recommendations of single stack 9mm pistols for the new concealed weapon or firearm license holder. May it be noted I have taken into consideration that the new shooter is interested in enjoyable shooting at the range and reasonably comfortable concealment, as opposed to an experienced shooters’ confident interest in carrying a micro 9mm pistol as one would carry their cell phone in a pocket. Feel free to print these pages and highlight the features that stand out to you. Bring these notes with you to our Port Orange or Ormond Beach locations for more recommendations from our Professional Staff. We look forward to seeing you in person!

Glock Model 43, Perfection

glock single stack 9mmWhen people ask me how I became interested in firearms I remember the face of my father. His introduction of me to the shooting world began with a Gen 2 Glock Model 19, at age 8. It seeded in my heart a passion for understanding the mechanics of guns. Grasping the simplicity of all Glock models sparked a flame in me that shed light on interests I wouldn’t have otherwise pursued without this foundation. I could refer to Glock as my “gateway gun” into the firearms industry. With this I recommend first, as a concealed carry single stack 9mm firearm, the Glock Model 43.

This model meets a level of performance and dependability that I, and millions of others, have grown to rely on through owning and operating its predecessors. In this single stack 9mm the grip angle, sight alignment and trigger action are seamlessly transferred to its slim profile, light-weight and subcompact frame. The provided flush fitting magazine, with a healthy capacity of 6+1, provides minimal ‘printing’ whilst carrying. An additional 6rd magazine with pinky extension will help develop comfort and control during training. Rest assured this little monster will chew up and spit out anything you feed it, with deadly accuracy right out of the box (Throw Back: remember when Glocks came in tupperware containers?).

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Springfield XDS 9, 3.3” and 4”

Springfield single stack 9mmSpringfield broke the polymer semi-auto striker fire pistol mold when they introduced their XD Series. Followed by an upgraded XDM Match Series, loyal consumers developed a demand for the single stack XDS Series pistols. With four independently operating safeties, this slim frame firearm ensures the user has a proper grip and has engaged the trigger before a discharge may occur. It comes from the factory with one flush fitting 7rd and one extended 8rd magazine, as well as multiple color choices of fiber optic front sights. Ask your sales associate to try out the smaller back strap accessory included with your purchase if you desire an even smaller profile.

Rest assured whilst carrying this firearm, sans a manual safety, that you have the most innovative and secure design available on the market. Look forward to affordable and readily available ammunition as an enjoyable 9mm plinker when you invest in the 4” model, compatible with nearly all 3.3” model holsters and accessories. Try Springfield’s even higher capacity 9rd magazine with XDS Gear grip extension sleeve for ultimate control at the range, and added capacity for familiar operation on the home front.

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Ruger LC9S/LC9S Pro

ruger single stack 9mmRuger offers the slimmest of the single stack 9mm handguns with their model LC9S. Spawned from the LC9, this upgraded striker fire version boasts an aluminum trigger with incorporated safe action. Base models include a manual safety and magazine safety (the pistol will not fire without a magazine inserted), and Pro models omit both of these features. Each is equipped with a firing pin safety, and safety pin plunger as two independently operating safeties disarmed ONLY by engaging the trigger safe action and executing (on average, from factory) a 5.5lb trigger pull.

The only drawback to this purchase is that it comes with only one 7rd magazine accompanied by one flush fitting, and one extended grip magazine floor plate. Standard models include an orange “safety mag” intended for use during disassembly, as the trigger must be engaged/disarmed to remove the slide from the frame. This is a feature of nearly all striker fire semi-auto pistols, and this ‘safety mag’ ensures responsible handling during maintenance and care of the Ruger LC9S. Optimistically, the ridiculously affordable retail price of this quality sidearm leaves the budget wanting for accessories like the optional 9rd w/grip extension magazine, or a TechnaClip carry system to enhance your concealing and shooting experiences. Consider TruGlo’s TFO Sight Systems to see things in a different light at the range and on the night stand at home.

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