Pitbull Tactical Kydex Holsters Review


Custom molded kydex holsters have gained significant popularity in just a short period of time, and there are quite a few manufacturers that make them. One manufacturer that particularly stood out to us, was Pitbull Tactical with their Bloodline (standard pistol) and Bloodline Nocturnal (light bearing pistol) holster series. Upon opening up the package, you will notice that they come with hardware to carry both IWB and OWB (IWB – Inside the Waist Band, OWB – Outside the Waist Band). Most manufacturers that we’ve seen over time will make a holster for either IWB – or – OWB, but not both. Right out of the gate, you essentially get two holsters for the price of one.

Pictured: Gray Bloodline setup for IWB carry

Pitbull Tactical thought out each and every detail of their holster carefully, which in turn lead to them designing an extremely comfortable holster that follows the natural curvature of the body. Plus, they designed their holsters to be unobtrusive as possible, helping to keep your concealed carry firearm close and tight to your body, virtually eliminating printing.

Another key feature that set themselves out from the proverbial pack, is the capability to customize both the ride height of the holster, as well as the cant (angle) that the holster rests. This allows for over forty (40) different configurations for carry. Your average holster will typically have only three different forms of adjustment. That’s over a 1200% increase in adjustability between the run of the mill holster and a holster from Pitbull Tactical. The adjustment is made simply by using a flathead screw driver and spending some time figuring out what works best for you. (Author’s note: Being that my normal attire is typically jeans and a flannel, it took me a few days carrying IWB to figure out exactly what worked best for me. As far as carrying OWB, I chose a “middle of the road” setup. This made sure that the pistol didn’t ride too high on my belt where the gun wants to peel off my body from the weight, mainly because I need to retire my current gun belt, but also not too low where it’s an in awkward position for me.)

Notice that not only is the “wing” is adjustable (where the belt clip is attached), but the belt clip itself is also adjustable depending on the users preference.

In addition to the adjustment capabilities, you have the capability to order them with either a 0 degree, 7 degree or 15 degree cant. You also have a choice of a natural (full) sweat guard, fighting (half) sweat guard or a full drop (no sweat guard) depending on what your preference is. The holsters pictured have a fighting sweat guard. IWB and OWB hardware can also be tailored to different belt widths including 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75” and 2” belts.

The Pitbull Tactical Bloodline kydex holsters are made from .060” kydex to ensure there is the perfect amount of flexibility, without sacrificing any strength and the belt loops are constructed of .125″ kydex to reinforce the stress points of carrying. This is a nice feature especially if you carry a light bearing pistol IWB, as the flexibility is a very nice feature to have. Furthermore, they offer 12 different colors of kydex to further customize their holsters.

Pictured: Front of Flat Dark Earth Bloodline Nocturnal setup (light bearing pistol) for OWB carry

Pictured: Back of Flat Dark Earth Bloodline Nocturnal setup (light bearing pistol) for OWB carry. *Note: belt loops are setup to add extra cant to authors liking.

Overall, Pitbull Tactical makes a truly modular, 100% customizable holster that works for both IWB and OWB. It is lightweight yet it is more than capable of taking a beating. Because of this, not only do we give these guys a 5 star rating, but our friends over at Paratus Consulting Group do as well, as they avidly use and endorse Pitbull Tactical as one of their syndicate partners. All in all if you are shopping for kydex holsters, give Pitbull Tactical a try – you won’t regret it. Plus we have them in stock and can order you any setup you want!


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