Springfield XD Mod 2 .45ACP


Springfield XD Mod 2

The Springfield Armory XD Mod 2 series has been a runaway success since their introduction at SHOT SHOW 2015. The Mod 2 is the first redesign of the venerable Springfield XD line which was originally introduced as the HS2000 to American gun owners in 1999. After Springfield Armory negotiated the rights to the HS2000, the pistol was renamed the Springfield Armory XD (Extreme Duty) and they have soldiered on as such until 2015 when Springfield felt it was time to revamp the pistol line and incorporate new designs.

The XD MOD 2 in .45 ACP is a compact double stack pistol designed to fill the need for those who desire a .45 for everyday carry that has the versatility of a compact 45 for concealed carry or a full size for times when concealment isn’t the priority.


When you bring your pistol home for the first time you’ll notice that your pistol comes in a nice polymer lockable hard case that is suitable for travel.. The case can be locked on the outside using a set of locks to prevent unauthorized access to the firearm. Once you open your case you will see your new XD MOD 2 with its included double stack 9 and 13 round magazines, cable lock, extra fiber optic rods, a cleaning brush and an instruction manual.


The pistol is small enough to carry without printing, but has enough mass to fill your hand with enough material to give 9+1 rounds of .45ACP. The XD mod 2 specifications are as follows:

Height: 4.75 with 9 rd. magazine

Width: 1.20 inches

Legnth: 6.5 inches

Barrel: 3.3 inches Hammer Forged steel (Melonited)

Slide: Forged Steel (Melonited)

Frame: Polymer

Weight: 26 oz empty with the compact mag

The XD Mod 2 .45ACP incorporates the following safety features into the firearm. It has a striker status indicator that sticks out to let the user know when the striker has been set and is in the ready to fire position. It also includes a grip safety, internal firing pin block and a trigger blade safety that Springfield Armory calls the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System. The firearm also has a loaded chamber indicator which is a little metal bar that protrudes up when a round is loaded in the chamber of the firearm. These safety features and indicators work together to provide you with one of the safest pistols on the market today all while not interfering with the ease of use once you’ve decided that it is time to pull the trigger and fire a shot downrange.


When you pick up the firearm you will get a chance to experience the new contoured grip that Springfield Armory calls ‘Grip Zone.’ It consists of 3 different grip textures to allow for one of the most comfortable pistol grips on the market today. That coupled with the ambidextrous mag release will allow for any shooter, regardless of hand preference, to operate this pistol without difficulty. The slide has been redesigned to make wracking the slide of the firearm a little easier. The front sight has been changed from a contrast sight to a red fiber-optic front sight which can allow a shooter to acquire their target faster. This especially rings true for those followers of the front site press technique (Wiley Clapp anyone?.) The red fiber optic rod can be changed out to a green rod if you desire a green front sight.


Disassembly of the firearm is a breeze. Simply lock the firearm back, rotate the take down lever into the upward position, lower the slide on the firearm and then release the trigger to remove the slide from the frame. Upon removal of the slide you will see the dual captive recoil spring along with the hammer forged Melonite barrel and that is the furthest you need to take down your pistol for basic cleaning and lubricating process.

XD Mod 2

I was happy to put 100 rds. of Sellier & Bellot .45 FMJ ACP downrange at my local range to test the functionality of the XD MOD 2 and its accuracy. I do not proclaim to be an expert, but I do understand the fundamentals of target shooting. In testing the firearm by slow firing at 10 yards I was able to keep all rounds on target without too much trouble. After shooting my first two magazines, all shots were within the 9-ring target or closer. During my second drill, I shot at 10 yards again, but this time firing 2 rounds and alternating between each shot to the targets on the left and right. Again I was impressed with the results using the XD Mod 2. My final drill involved moving the target out to 25-yard range and practicing slow firing at the target while aiming for the largest target possible. Again, I make no claims to being a professional, nor do I play one on TV, but I was satisfied with my initial results and the overall feel and accuracy of this firearm from Springfield Armory.

I have to say that the XD Mod 2 in .45ACP is continuing to impress me more each day. I have begun to transition this firearm into my rotation of carry firearms and, while I do possess a number of 9mm carry guns, I am glad to add this double stack .45ACP.  For more information visit Springfield Armory’s website!

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