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Ashley - Operations Manager

AshleyAshley has been with Florida Gun Exchange since January of 2012 and has been in the firearms industry since 2007.

When not working, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, traveling, archery, football, sailing, antiques & historic places. In addition to loving firearms, Ashley is also a certified Harley Davidson mechanic.
Brad - General Manager

Brad has been with Florida Gun Exchange since 2010. During his spare time he enjoys music, German cuisine, working on his yard and enjoy riding his motorcycle.

He is also a gun enthusiast who enjoys shooting and reloading.

John - Warehouse Manager

JohnJohn Lynch has been with FGE since November 2011. When he is not working he enjoys surfing, carpentry, landscaping, his dog Madison, and watching old movies. He is also Red Hot Chili Peppers #1 Fan.

Greg - Retail Store Manager

Greg has been with FGE since March 2015. He is Ormond Beach born and raised. When Greg is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, surfing, fishing and shooting. Pretty much anything outdoors. Greg believes working hard and being honest with people will help you sleep better and allows you to have a better day tomorrow.

Bobby - Team Lead

Bobby has been with FGE since December 2014 after working in the banking industry for 8 years. He graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors in Business Administration. He enjoys reading, competitive shooting, hunting and fishing. Bobby was born and raised in the Daytona beach area and after graduating from Mainland High School, he attended the University of North Florida to pursue a bachelors in Business Administration graduating in 2007.

After a successful career in mortgage processing/operations, Bobby made the personal decision to come back home to assist his parents and to begin working in what he feels is truly one of the best places to work. Every day is exciting at FGE because Bobby enjoys meeting new people and help them select a firearm or item that fits their needs.


Darin - Team Lead

Darin has been with FGE since May of 2014. Darin is from Lake Helen, he’s an avid gun enthusiast, and really enjoys riding and working on his motorcycles as well as hunting & being outdoors. Darin made Eagle Scout when he was 18 years old, and also spent a year and a half doing missionary work for his church in Montana.

Team Members

Brennan - P/T Sales Associate

Brennan joined the FGE team in January 2021. He served in the US Marine Corps as a Recon Marine for 5 years. When not working at FGE he enjoys camping, shooting, and some light woodwork. 

Carlton - F/T Sales Associate

Carlton joined the team May 2021. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama and has been in Florida since 1997 after serving in the United States Marine Corps. Chef by trade for the last twenty plus years, he loves cooking, anything outdoors, baseball, history, sci-fi geek, video games, and of course firearms and the history relating to them.

Chris - F/T Sales Associate

Chris joined the FGE team in October 2021 after moving to FL from NY . He loves guns, muscle cars, cooking, hiking, hunting/fishing, and video games. He says he is blessed to be working at FGE and is looking forward towards the future!

Dan - F/T Sales Associate

Dan has been with FGE since July 2021. He enjoys shooting, riding his Harley, and being with his family. When he is not working you can usually find him in his garage working on one of many different projects.

James - F/T Sales Associate

James joined FGE in May 2021. He served in the US Army from 1994-1997 as a (63W) Wheeled Vehicle Repairer. Upon completion of his term, James attended ITT Technical Institute where he received his Associates Degree in Electronic Engineering followed by his Bachelors Degree in Telecommunications. James enjoys spending time with his family, cooking extravagant food, riding his Harley-Davidson and collecting and shooting firearms. Not necessarily in that order.

Josh C - P/T Sales Associate

Joshua has been with FGE since June 2020. He joined the US Navy out of high school serving 6 years, with two deployments in the Western Pacific, working as a Plane Captain on the EA-18G Growler. Since leaving active duty he is now a full-time student at Embry Riddle. He is 24 years old and is married to his beautiful wife, Michelle, for 5 years and has two American pitbulls.

Keith - F/T Sales Associate

Keith joined the team in April 2021. He recently retired as a police officer after 32 years of service where he held the role of Range Master, Training Coordinator, and Armorer. He grew up around firearms and particularly enjoys military and historical firearms. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jeanne, and his 2 children.

Pro Staff Team Members

Ben - F/T Sales Associate & Certified Gunsmith

Ben has been with FGE since June 2017. Originally from Maryland, he was born on NAS/PAX River naval base and ever since he’s been drawn to the water. He spent his high school years as a commercial fisherman as well as a First Mate on multiple charter boats. After high school he was assistant harbor master at Adventure Yacht Harbor for eight years. The outdoors, in all its facets, has been a life long passion of his. He’s been a “gun nut” since his first Daisy Red Ryder. He is classically trained as a gunsmith and has worked in the firearms industry for the past six years. He also enjoys restoring classic and antique firearms as much as he loves shooting them.

Bryan- F/T Sales Associate

Bryan came to FGE in November 2015. When Bryan is not at work he enjoys shooting, more specifically Dan Wesson firearms.

Jamie - F/T Sales Associate & Certified Gunsmith

Jamie has been with FGE since 2002. In his spare time he enjoys hunting, spear fishing, scuba diving, video games, and brewing beer.

Josh - F/T Sales Associate

Josh has been with FGE since June 2018. He is originally from Upstate NY in the Adirondack Mountain region. Josh enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, shooting guns and bowling. When he is not at work he likes to spend as much time as possible with his kids. In his spare time he likes to relax by a campfire with a cigar.

Lewis - F/T Sales Associate

Lewis joined the FGE team in May 2018. His passion for firearms helped him with the decision to make a career change from a two decade long run in retail management, to working in the store that helped foster his passion for firearms. From building and modifying AR platform rifles and shooting to computer gaming and building custom gaming computers, Lewis enjoys many activities when he is outside of the store. “Keep Smiling!”

Todd - F/T Sales Associate
Todd has been with FGE since June 2020. After retiring from his previous company after 41 years, he now enjoys getting to work with his fellow associates around one of his hobbies, guns. He loves fishing, spending time with his wife, and working in the yard. He also has his pilot’s license and has had a great time learning to fly!
Zack - F/T Sales Associate

Zack joined the FGE team in September 2020. He enjoys playing video games, shooting his guns and going to Nascar races. Fun fact: he is also a big history buff.

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