The Next Generation of the Binary Trigger

Franklin Armory released their GEN 3 Binary Trigger (BFS- Binary Firing System) back in late 2016, but the triggers have been in short supply for retail dealers until April of this year. The Gen 3 BFS system includes a host of improvements over their current model that focus on improved reliability and reduced hammer drop when firing quickly in binary mode. Once we received our initial shipment of these triggers, I found out what they were capable of I immediately ponied up my hard-earned cash and had our Florida Gun Exchange gunsmith install the BFS trigger on my Sig Sauer MPX.Before I go into greater detail about my journey with the BFS trigger, I will first explain to you what the Binary Firing system is and what it can do to improve your existing firearm.

The Gen III binary trigger system will work in most AR15/ AR10 pattern rifles in the following calibers: 5.56 NATO, 223 Rem, 308 Win. 300 Blk, 9mm, rimfire etc. I currently have the binary trigger installed in my Sig Sauer MPX 9mm and my Sig Sauer MCX chambered in 5.56 NATO.
When you buy the trigger, it comes with the following: trigger system, hammer, buffer spring, as well as different hammer spring strengths to try out to see which combination of springs will run the best in your particular firearm, and the pins required to install the trigger into your lower. Franklin Armory strongly advises that you seek out a qualified gunsmith to install your trigger, as they state on their website that there are NO REFUNDS once installation has been attempted on their trigger. The buffer spring that they include is designed to be a lighter spring which will increase the cyclic rate of your bolt carrier group (BCG) and reduce the chances of hammer follow. Hammer follow is when you release the trigger before the bolt carrier group has set properly and in turn the hammer follows the bolt carrier group and results in a light primer strike/no discharge of the round. In order to get your firearm firing again, you would have to charge your firearm by using your charging handle which will cost you both the unfired round, plus loss of time which can be important if you are competing in a stage or match.

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After installing the trigger, you will now have 3 selector options on your firearm. Option 1 is safe mode, meaning that your firearm will not fire when the trigger is engaged. With option 2 you will be able to fire in semi-automatic mode, meaning your firearm will discharge 1 round when the trigger is pulled and it will reset the trigger after it has been released in order to fire again. Option 3 is binary mode where your firearm will discharge a round when the trigger is pulled and discharge an additional round when the trigger is released thus releasing 2 rounds with one pull and release of the trigger. Below is video of me testing the trigger in its various modes for reliability after install.

In semi auto mode, my trigger breaks right around the 4.6 lb mark which is within the range that Franklin Armory indicates, they advertise a 4.5 lb pull plus or minus .5 lbs. In my particular situation, since the trigger is in my MPX pistol I have no need for the buffer spring since the MPX is a short stroke gas piston firearm and the buffer spring will not fit.

Shooting in binary mode is an absolute blast. It can definitely allow you a number of advantages for different scenarios. The binary trigger can allow a shooter faster follow up shots to reduce split times where time is of the essence. Double taps become a lot easier to accomplish, with practice. It is also the closest you will get to a “Full Auto” experience.

While you can try to run the binary trigger faster than I did, you still have a risk of hammer follow occurring so I would recommend that you find the right “cadence” for your firearm. To quote the father of Icarus, “Don’t fly too close to the sun lest you get burned.” 😛
The BFS trigger has been 100% reliable since installation and I have used my MPX to shoot steel matches on a few occasions.
If you are looking to add new life to your AR rifle or surprise your friends at the range, then this could be the aftermarket trigger upgrade that you are looking for!

(Note: While you can switch from binary mode to semi auto mode, I did not practice it before the match so I did not want to risk a negligent discharge which would have resulted in my being disqualified from the match. Practice makes perfect!)

See any of our team members to discuss the Franklin Armory Binary Firing System today!

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