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Practical and challenging firearms courses for shooters at all levels of experience and skill. Premier firearm training opportunities for shooter of all levels





Weekly New Shooter Orientations – Friday & Saturday // 3-Hour On-Site Classroom Training Covering:
  • Firearm selection- Demo of Types, Models, Parts & Operation
  • Safety Principles br Use & Storage of Firearms
  • Holster Considerations (In Pistol Orientation Class)
  • Ammunition 8 Available Firearm Packages
  • Cleaning & Maintenance of firearms
  • CCW Requirements
  • Shooting Fundamentals & Next Steps for Training

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Basic Pistol Skills – Includes CCW/CWP Training
 – 1st & 3rd Saturday/Sunday of each month Intensive Training & Coaching To Build // Skill & Confidence In Safety Handling A Firearm
  • 7 Hour Program Over 2 Day
  • 3 Hours of Classroom Work Onsite ar FGE on Saturday
  • Safe Gun Handling & Storage
  • Pistol Model Parts, Operation & Ammunition
  • Loading & Unloading Procedures • Cleaning & Maintenance of Pistol
  • Fundamentals of Shooting B. CCW Requirements
4 Hours of Action Range Activity at Private G. El. on Sunday or Monday Flagler Gun Club, Bunnell, FL or Other Private Club in New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • Live Fire -100+ Rounds!
  • Varied Shooting Positions & Distance to Target
  • Shooting Practice & Qualification
RTC Certificate Upon Completion – for CCW Permit Application
NRA & RTC Defensive Pistol Skills – Monthly Class – 2nd Saturday of Each Month 5 – Hour Action Packed Range Program // Flagler Gun Club, Bunnell, FL or other Private Club in New Smyrna Beach, FL
  • Live Fire Action Range
  • Varied Shooting Positions & Movement While Firing on Multiple Targets
  • Holster Techniques
  • Defensive Training Drills
  • Unique Scenarios Building Defensive Mindset, Situation Analysis & Quick Action

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RTC Advanced Carbine Skills 6 – Hour Action Packed Range Program // Flagler Gun Club, Bunnell, FL
  • Zeroing the Carbine & Perfecting Grip/Stance
  • Prone, Kneeling, Squatting & Supine Shooting Positions
  • Immediate Action & Reaction Drills with Admin, Speed & Tactical Re
  • loadingNatural & Improvised Shooting
  • BSA Drills – To Improve Balance Speed & Accuracy
  • Timed malfunction & Clearing Drills
  • Continuous Movement Drills
  • Barricade & obstacle Shooting
  • Expect to Shoot 300 Rounds

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RTC Advanced Shotgun & Pistol Course – Multiple Firearm Manipulation Full Day Action Packed Range Program // Flagler Gun Club, Bunnell, FL
  • Zeroing and Patterning
  • Perfecting Grip & Stance
  • Speed & Combat Loading & Reloading Techniques
  • Slug Change-Overs
  • Dynamic Kneeling and Moving while Shooting Drills
  • Positions & Transitions with Multiple Firearms With/Without Concealment
  • Barricade & Obstacle Shooting
  • Home Defense Considerations
  • Expect to Shoot 100 Rounds of Birdshot, 75 Rounds of Buckshot, 35 Slugs & 150 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition

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Long Range Rifle Course – Level 1 – For the Beginner 2 Days of Classroom & Live Fire // Private Range Up To 2600+ Yards , FL
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Long Range Shooting
  • Safely Handling & Operating Your Rifle
  • Evaluating Various Platforms and Calibers for Planned Use
  • Understanding Scope Options (Reticle Choices, MOA v.s. MILS,  Scope Mounts)
  • Basic Elements of Ballistics
  • Ballistic Engine and Range Finder Explanation
  • Introduction to Kestrel Device & Applied Ballistic Software
  • How to Call Wind, Make Adjustments, Determining Unknown Distances
  • Properly Mounting Your Scope & Scope Level
  • Zeroing & Truing Your Weapon System
  • Live Fire Up to 250 Rounds

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Long Range Rifle Course – Level 2 – For the Long Range Enthusiasts 2 Days of Classroom & Live Fire // Private Range Up To 2600+ Yards , FL
  • Advance Your Knowledge of Long Range Shooting
  • Evaluating Environmental Elements – Wind, Mirage, Terrain Features, Vegetation
  • Understanding How Barrel Twist Rate Affects Ballistic Performance at Long Range
  • Kestrel & Other Ballistic Computer Usage & Building Custom Formulas
  • Body Position – Maximizing Better Control of the Rifle for Aiming, Recoil Management & Quick 2nd Shot Follow Up
  • Effects of Muzzle Velocity & Spin Rate on Hit Percentage
  • Introduction to WEZ – Weapon Employment Zone / Shot Accuracy Analysis
  • Live Fire Up to 250 Rounds

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Pete Deinzer

5 Star Review
"Florida Gun Exchange is the best, they are the only place I go for any of my firearm needs. The staff is always professional, very helpful and courteous. They are all a great group of people. They are also very reasonably priced. I travel 30 miles just to go the Florida Gun Exchange. Nobody beats them."

Rian K

5 Star Review
"I came here to buy my first gun. The staff was nothing less than amazing. Friendly, helpful, patient and didn't force any specific gun down my throat. Conveniently set up and was honestly an enjoyable experience. I will be doing my shopping here in the future. Great job and thank you."

Josh Tappin

5 Star Review
"Great prices (even compared to online) and knowledgeable staff. I always seek out Brian when there for his knowledge. This has become my go to store for all my firearm needs."

Carol Taylor

5 Star Review
"Great selection of everything! Pistols, rifles, concealed carry bags/backpacks, ammo, holsters, hearing protection, cleaning supplies, safes and a whole lot more. Staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and will help you find what you need, make sure the fit is right, etc. Will be returning when I am traveling nearby and have a little time to spend there.

Well worth the trip from Jax, Orlando or even further away."

Alan Angelone

5 Star Review
"Great place to do business. Very knowledgeable and helpful staff and great prices. I have purchased quite a few guns there in the last 10 years and every experience has been five stars. Great job guys!

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